[2013] Ella Chandler (Sixth Grade): Rebel Rose Greenhow Glogster

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[2013] Ella Chandler (Sixth Grade): Rebel Rose Greenhow Glogster

Rose 'O Neal Greenhow was a Confederate spy in the Civil war. She was a socialite with both sides, and held parties often. She used this information to support the confederate side. No one suspected this lovely lady to be a major spy in the Civil War.

Rebel Rose Greenhow

Timeline 1816-Born October 7 1817-Father murdered by unknown assailant(s) 1830- She and her sisters were invited to live with their wealthy aunt 1835-Married Dr Robert Greenhow 1854-Husband dies in accident 1861-Began work as spy, was also credited for he Confederates win at the batle of Manassas 1862-Jan.18 was transferred to Old Capitol Prison after being under house arrest 1862-May31, released from prison with Little Rose, her daughter after being there for five months 1864- August 19, died on a ship going back to the U.S, she was trying to peersuade to English and French to join the Confederate cause, then on her way back to america, her ship hit a sandbar

''I employed every capacity with which God has endowed me, and the result was far more successful than my hopes could have flattered me to expect''

Lasting ImpactRose didn't live to see the end of the war, but throughout it she gave southerners hope. The Confederate won the first battle of the Civil War, Battle of Fort Sumter, but after that they kept steady with wins, losses, and inconclusive battles. When Rose's information was key to winning The Battle Of Bull Run, she kept the Southerners spirits up, for at that point the Confederate was winning the war. If Rose was alive at the end of the Civil War, she might have made a bigger impact.

(Since Rose died before the end of the war, she assumed the South would win!)

How the Civil War Affected RoseAs a wealthy, beutiful young lady, Rose had it all! When the Civil War came up, Rose quickly sided with the Confederate. She was so set with this opinion, she went into further measures, and risked everything. just to help our country. Rose was put under house arrest, then five years of prison, and when she was realeased, she continued with spy missions! This last mission was also the cause of her death, So we honor her fo risking her life for our country, even if it wasn't for the cause most of us supported.


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Rose and her daughter, Little Rose, in Old Capitol Prison

Confederate Anthem

Video By: MoC1896

Books and OtherBeyond Thier YearsSong: Confederate Anthem from Youtube by Cyberkiller2011

Rose became more sympathetic to the Confederate cause after her husband died.


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