Rebel: James Dean

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Rebel: James Dean

Why a Rebel?


-first major movie was Rebel Without a Cause-East of Eden (movie)-Giant (movie)-Oscar nomination for Giant -The Immortalist (movie)-Kraft Television Theatre-Omnibus (movie)


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Rebel:James Dean


EvidencePlace a video clip that shows how your personality challenged the conformity of the 1950s

Were the 1950's truly an era of consensus and conformity?

Rebel:James Dean

Problems-mother died at age 7-seen as rude while he acted -had a sexual affair with a Reverend

Quotes"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.""The only greatness for man is immortality.""There is no way to be truly great in this world.We are all impaled on the crook of conditioning"

James Dean was born in Marion, Indiana on February 8, 1931. His father was a farmer then soon after became a dentist and moved to Santa Monica, California. He then attented Brentwood Public School and a couple of years later his mother died of uterine cancer. His father then sent Dean to live with his aunt and uncle in a Quaker farm in Indiana. During his time there he befriended Revered James DeWeerd who he had an intimate relationship with. Once he graduated, he moved back to Santa Monica to attend UCLA. Dean dropped out of UCLA to be a parking-lot attendant at CBS studio. While there he met Rogers Brackett who became his mentor. Dean became interested in race cars and the theater due to Rev. DeWeerd. Dean moved to New York and attended Actors Studio. From that point on he pursued his career as he had his first start in a Pepsi Cola commercial. From his childhood, Dean had always been one to show off. Once he began in Hollywood his personality set him different from the rest. Dean was known to be rude to others and storm off sets. He had many friends but a large amount of people disliked him. Dean had to get his way and would not follow the orders of anyone. His actions led many people to see him as a "rebel" which was seen as a threat throughout the 1950's.

1931-James Dean born1940-WW21950- Korean War1950 - Second Red Scare 1954 - McCarthyism1955 - Rebel Without a Cause1955 - Dean dies

Contextualized Timeline

James Dean was considered a rebel due to the fact that he did not obey his elders, had a rude personality, and dressed differently than the rest. During his lifetime, James Dean would do whatever he felt like doing. Ron Martinetti stated that Dean would get into fights with directors and would storm off sets. (RAS) At a time where the young was supposed to obey their elders and be respectful, Dean showed that it was okay to disobey which many began to do. Along with being disrespectful, Dean was also not the best person to be around. He has been qoutes saying, "I wouldn't like me, if I had to be around me."(RAS) The personality of one was very important during this time due t0 the Communist fear,and the fact that Dean was acting out showed he was questionable of being a true american. Lastly, James Dean was considered a rebel for the way he would dress. At a time where the youth was supposed to dress the same, Dean would wear leather and occasionally ride motorcycles.(RAS) The fact that he would dress differently made many believe he was an outsider which to in that time period were rebels. The fact that Dean was rude to his elders, did as he pleased, and dressed differently caused for many to see him as a rebel.


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