Reasons For the Fall of the Roman Empire

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Reasons For the Fall of the Roman Empire

Reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire

MilitaryMost of the soldiers in the army were mercenaries, foreign soldiers who served for pay. Because the soldiers weren't loyal, they sometimes traded sides just for their own personal benefit. Rome needed a strong, loyal army, and these soldiers were the opposite of loyal. PoliticalMost rulers following Commodus weren't very successful as politicians, but as generals. Some even stole money to gain wealth themselves or even bribe soldiers. Under these rulers Rome struggled with its economy and the senate lost power. EconomicAfter Roman soldiers stopped fighting to gain territory, Rome lost its main source of wealth. Most soldiers would not fight because payment wasn't available. Taxes were raised, so most people of Rome lost their jobs. Each coin contained a small amount of silver, so Roman coins became worthless because the government had no silver left. This is called inflation. Social Rome had grown too big to be goverened from one area. Tribes invaded Rome and conquered areas won back their independence. The army had to defend Rome, instead of expand it. The empire shrunk because of loss of land and being unable to gain more land. At the time, Christianity was the official language. Roman people worshipped one God and at the time, and needed the support of their religion during the struggles towards the end of the Roman Empire.

Marcus Aurelius's death marks the end of the Pax Romana, or Roman Peace.

Commodus was a savage ruler and only cared about his riches and fame, not Rome.

Roman coins became worthless.

The Cristian Church was a place of comfort for the people during Rome's hard times.

By: Katie Krahn 6.3

In 476 AD, the last Roman emporer was driven from the throne.


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