Reasons for Migration

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Reasons for Migration

Reasons For Migration

Natural Disaster Reason for migration because of natural disaster could be because of things such as: Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes etc.

PovertyAnother reason for migration could be because of poverty. Poverty can happen because of many reasons. It could be because the country itself is poor, natural disasters, your counrty is low on resources, etc.

Health care: Reasons for why people need health care : - Injury- Infection- Disease- Contagious diseaseWhen people don’t get enough health care, their body system will get damaged, leading to even problems or death!

War: When War happens, you are never safe. Where ever you are in the country will be affected by War. There could be bombings, shootings on streets, sacrifices and more. If you don’t Migrate to a different and ore safer country, you life could be on the line.

Bad climate and environment:In the short term, weather events can drive a population out of one area. Flooding and severe storms can cause this. Long-term migration patterns have been shaped by climate change.

Jobs: When people have no job, they are unable to pay for their family and can go bankrupt. When that happens, they will have to live on the streets since they can’t pay for their home or other resources. Migrating would be the only solution.

Safety: If people aren’t safe where they are living (stealing,vandalism, theft, high crime rate etc.) they will migrate so they will be safe.

Human rights: If people don’t have human rights, it could lead to many things. You will be unable to have education, people can reject for having health care, you could be used as slave’s, etc. Migrating will allow you to have a better life and that way people won’t abuse their power and use you.

Resources: Some places might have more resources than others. Like one country might have lots of oil so it will be cheaper in that country. Then people would migrate there if the need more of that resource.

Family of living: Disaster: care: : climate and environment: education : rights:


Cost of living: If it cost a lot of money and resources for someone to live somewhere they will likely migrate to a place with a low cost of living

Family: People will likely move to go to a place where their family is. This could be to see them more often or for other reasons also. This is why they migrate.


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