Rear Window

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Rear Window


secretBefore Thorwald killed his wife with his gun, he was cheating on her with another woman. He could't afford to take of his wife because he had a big problem with the high cost of treating his sick wife. That's why Thorwald killed his wife.

Thorwald...He is a very clever person because he had the other woman act like his dead wife, and he destroyed the evidence that killed his wife to not be discovered by the police. That's to say, the other woman acted as his wife from chapter 1.

chapter 5There are many curious incidents.For example...* Why when he received a note, he got nervous?* Why did he go to the Lakeside park if he wasn't guilty ?* Why did he bring a gun inside his coat?

Jeff...He is curious and stubborn. He watched Thorald often and wanted to know the truth.


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