Realipolitik: Survival of the Fittest Nations

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Realipolitik: Survival of the Fittest Nations

Of all the political leaders I have observed thus far in this journal, my data would indicate that Otto von Bismarck best exemplifies the phenomenon of realpolitik. He uses whatever means necessary to acquire resources, such as his manipulation of the Prussian king's telegram in order to goad France into war, his flouting of national laws to raise an army, and his desires to compete with the rest of the population of politicians in the ecosystem through war to advance Germany's position.

The rules of natural selection, which I have proved thus in my journal, work not only in the evolution of species, but also within a state. As such, the "fittest" political leader may advance his country, creating a powerful state in the same way an evolutionarily fit chimpanzee may ensure reproductive success.

Scientific Definition

re·al·po·li·tik noun, often capitalized \rā-ˈäl-ˌpō-li-ˌtēk\This is a natural phenomenon in which the fittest state employs whatever measures are necessary for its advancement, in order to compete with other states for resources. These measures are based on practical considerations rather than higher level respect of ethics and morality, and require the state to adapt to the concerns and requirements of its political environment.

Realpolitik: Survival of the Fittest Nations

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