Reality Make believe chart

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Reality Make believe chart

Make Believe:Cyrus meets William Skeleton, AKA Billy Bones, who gives him the lightning bug, and the huge lghtning strike the creature created burns down the motel, and a crazy man comes and tries to kill Billy. Dan ends up missing and Cyrus and Antigone inherit Billy's will.

Reality :Antigone, Dan, and Cyrus run an old, sagging motel next to a giant huntress statue, AKA 'The Lady'. They must earn enough money to buy food and support for their sick mother.

Cyrus learns that the tooth that billy gave him is a tooth that can kill anything, immortal or not. They then end up in Ashtown as acolytes,and the city forces them to use the 1914 laws to become journeymen and official members of the order of Brendan.

They have to fight Mr. Ashes in order to save the entire city from his destruction, while giving all of the citizens antidote for the poison in the food.Along with that peril, Cyrus has to save his mother and brother from the helicopter that was on the brink of an explosion.

Cyrus and Antigone have to discuss with Bill's lawyer the terms of them accepting their inheritance in an old diner near the motel lot.

They have to live in a disguisting room called the polygon. The room is filled with whip spiders, and they share it with a boy named Nolan.

Reality-make believe chart




I would like the middle section of make-believe to happen so that I ccould join the exclusive order of Brendan, and live n the amazing city of Ashtown



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