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Teachers can assure their students will receive their recommended amount of physical activity and they can help meet the physical activity objectives by supporting the benefits of a quality daily movement program when interacting with children. In promoting a play-centered environment and curriculum, teachers are making short and long term investments in children’s developmental domains. A healthy mentality should be instilled during the elementary years so children can learn to be physically active throughout their lives.

Keep Our Students Moving:Tips for Classroom Teachers





*Align assessments according to national and state standards and create activities where students are learning through hands-on and or physical play lessons.*Limit technology time in your classroom by engaging students in peer conversations, hands-on projects, and imaginative and creative learning.*Use simple instruments to promote students' participation in music and movement.*Share classroom experiences by creating a classroom newsletter.*Form partnerships with the physical education teacher*Support the value of lifelong physical activity*Join schoolwide initiatives to achieve wellness

During early childhood development, it is important to introduce the benefits of physical activity. Children need daily physical activity to be prepared to learn in the classroom and to improve their overall health status. The National Association for Sports and Physical Education recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week for elementary students. However, these guidelines are not being enforced. Aside from a physical education class and recess, there are activities that can be done in the classroom in order for children to get their recommended amount of physical activity during the school day.


Why are schools not following proper guidelines?

Goals like passing standardized testsSpending more time focusing on academicsConcerns about the injuries and lawsuits that can arise from outdoor play

How can teachers get involved?

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Why Students Need Physical Activity

Children Need Movement

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