Real Numbers II (Pre-Algebra)

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Real Numbers II (Pre-Algebra)

Real Numbers

Real Numbers

Negative numbers go to the left becoming smaller for infinity.

Positive numbers go to the right becoming larger for infinity.

A solid circle includes the number.

An open circle does not include the number.

An arrow to the left means that the the answer goes to negative infinity.

Square:--5x5=255squared=25--25 is a perfect square

Khanacademy Activity

Graphing Inequalities

Khanacademy Square Root Activity

Convert Repeating Decimals to Fractions

See a pattern?0.333=3/90.3434=34/990.123123=123/9992.555=2 5/93.5757=3 57/998.376376=8 376/999

Repeating Decimals to Fractions Activity

Graphing, squaring, Repeating decimals

A number line is used to graph numbers.

An arrow to the right means that the the answer goes to positive infinity.

--The square root of 25=5--5 is the principal square root


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