Reagan High School

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Reagan High School

The mission of RHS is to teach students how to act and thrive in a digital world by monitoring and encouraging the proper use of social media tools like Twitter, Google Drive, and Edmodo.


Reagan High School

Teachers and students will learn and master safe ways to collaborate together and learn from each other using 21st century tools. Students will learn how to harness the power of their current communication skills and networks into dynamic learning opportunities by researching individual interests, building portfolios, and managing discussions and projects.

Looking for a new way to prepare your students for college and career? Is your student a frequent user of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?RHS is currently enrolling social media and tech-savvy students entering grades 9-12 for an innovative new program.

21st Century Learning

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Banning social media at schools isn't helping our students learn to be safe and productive digital citizens. We strive to teach them how to use it effectively in a controlled and guided manner.



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