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Diversity and Books

~~Saving Kabal CornerBy N.H. Senzai~Breaking Stalin's Nose By Eugene Yelchin ~ The Surrender Tree By Margarita Engle~Inside Out and Back AgainBy Thanhha Lai ~One Crazy SummerBy Rita Williams-Garcia

Respect Diversity Find out more about Diversity. books for ChildrenRead more books with Diversity. MoreLearn about the world online! of the WorldMore websites for exploration.

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Diversity:It's more then our difference... It's what makes us uniqueIt's our storiesIt's our familiesIt's our homesFind out more at"What is Diversity"


Shooting Kabul...Is about a boy named Fadi and his family. During a time of unrest, before 9/11 Fadi and his family must flee Afganistan, along the way his sister Mariam is lost. Read this book to discover how Fadi deals with life in America and weather or not he can find his sister again.

Shooting Kabul


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