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Why Improve Your Reading Skills?

Adults who read well earn more than those who don't.

Adults with lower levels of literacy earn lower salaries than their more literate peers. Almost 18% of adults with below-basic literacy levels, compared to only about 5% of adults with proficient levels of literacy, earn less than $300 a week—about $15,600 per year. Adults who have proficient levels of literacy are roughly five times as likely as adults with below basic levels of literacy to earn $1950 or more a week—about $101,400 a year (Kutner et al., 2007).

Employers are looking for employees who read and write well.

According to a 2006 survey conducted by the Conference Board, 63% of employers rated reading comprehension as “very important” for new hired employees who are high school graduates, while 49% of employers found writing skills to be very important. However, almost 40% of employers found high school graduates to be deficient in their reading comprehension skills, and 72% of employers rate high school graduates as deficient in reading. (National Endowment for the Arts, 2007)

Good readers save money on college.

Eleven percent of students entering postsecondary schools are enrolled in remedial reading courses (ACT, 2006), and roughly 70% of students who take one or more remedial reading courses in college do not earn a degree or certificate within 8 years (Adelman, 2004).

Seventy-eight percent of proficient readers have found employment, 56% of basic readers are employed, and only 45% of those reading below basic level are employed (National Endowment for the Arts, 2007).

You are more likely to have a job.



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