Reading the World: Maps and Exploration

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Social Studies

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Reading the World: Maps and Exploration

Click me to learn how to identify directions and read many kinds of maps!

Click me to go explore a site where you can make me!

Go draw, measure distances and view types of maps and more at:

How To Read The World- With Geography and a Map!

This catchy tune will help you understand how the first explorers discovered "America"

Get to know the first explorers who were looking for something and found something else!

In your Journeys Journal make a Venn Diagram to compare a globe and a map

What's Geography all about?

Learn your map, compass and directions skills with this funky tune!

Check out this kid's challenge: GPS vs Compass

Use your attitude to understand Longitude and Latitude with these two videos.

Meet a cartographer

Why geography is cool!

Take a walk through the history of maps!

Check out students learning Math With Maps

Join Miss Mecka as she gets "lost" and found though many kinds of maps!


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    nice glog about the world