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Reading Strategy

Strategy Demonstration: Motivation & Engagement

"Educators strive to instruct in a manner that instrinsically motivates and engages students through the learning process. Secondary educators we have encountered confirm a decline in the number of readers who are motivated to read compared with the number of motivated readers in elementary classrooms"

Create a Classroom Climate that Fosters Reading

Use Varied Texts

Plan for Motivation and Engagement in Lessons

Use Multiple Modes of Representing Thinking

Reach and Teach the Whole Learner

-Offer students alternate modes of response to account for the fact that they all don't learn the same way-Give students the opportunity for choice to develop a sense of autonomy, this will increase students motivation and engagement in a task-Instead of always written assignments, give the students the opportunity to sketch, dramatize, sing, work in discussion groups, and/or create a 'hands-on' project to syntesize and comprehend text-This is beneficial for all students especially struggling readers

Ways to Motivate Your Students to be Strategic Readers

-Students need experience with relevant diverse text. -Let student interest play a role in text selection.-Experience with reading multiple genres provides students with knowledge of numerous text structures and improves their text driven processing-Including biographies, historical fiction, legends, poetry, articles and brochures in your reading lessons enhances students motivation and increaes their comprehension Recommended Reading List Website

Classroom cultures thst foster reading motivation are characterized by;-A teacher who is a role model for reading-A book rich classroom environment-Opportunities for choice-Literacy related incentives

-Motivation is a key factor in comprehension so teachers need to plan for it in their lessons and units. Teachers need to create motivating and engaging learning expereinces.-When teachers plan for engagement and motivation reading and achievement go up-Connect reading to their lives and their out of school literacies. If you can get students to connect the reading to their own life it can showsome students who have negative opinions about their reading that they really do have valuable cognitive abilities.Teacher Practices that Influence Motivation Website

-To instruct the whole learner teachers must be keenly aware of the abilities, interests, motivations and multiple intelligences of their students

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