Reading Scrapbook Glogster Example

by MrMurrayRTMS
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Reading Scrapbook Glogster Example

My NameThe Book's AuthorThe DateAdd a Graphic background and put the required information in a text box.

Novel Reading Scrapbook Glogster

Character SketchDraw a picture and scan it, or set up and take a photo, then upload the image here. It should show 3 traits the character possesses. You can use both images and text to describe the character. You could even shoot a short video in character and upload it!

Write a Book Review, paste it into a text box, or create an audio recording using the Grab feature in Glogster, or record it with Audacity, Garageband or some other program and upload it here.Your Book Review should include your opinion of the story and three reasons to support your opinion.

Book CoverDraw, or create a digital image of a new cover design that shows an important part of the book.Draw, and scan use computer graphics, or create a computer image that you can import . The image should look like a new Cover for your book.

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