Reading Response Assignment

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Reading Response Assignment

Glog MUST HAVES:These are minimum requirements, feel free to do more!* A Title Text(s) - includes title of book and author of book* 3 informational texts: quotes, plot, character, setting, etc.* 2 images that relate to the book* 1 multimedia source (audio or video)* 2 different links to valid, credible websites* Visually appealing: complimentary glog/page backgrounds, images, etc.poster yourself

Reading Response

Using PICTURES from the internet;* FInd the image you want to use. Make sure it is the full size image.* Hold down the control key and click on the image. Select "Save Image As" and save the image to the docs or download folder on the desktop.* Return to glogster. Select images from the magnet tool. Choose UPLOAD. Find your saved file and open it.* Be patient as the image loads

Using VIDEOS from the internet;* FInd the video you want to use. * If using Youtube - click on the EMBED button under the video.* Hold down the apple key on the keyboard and press C to copy* Return to glogster. Select VIDEO from the magnet tool. Choose LINK. Put the cursor in the box, hold down the apple key and press V to paste the url into the box.* Be patient as the video loads

LINKING a WEBSITE to your glog*Find the website you want to link to your glog.*Highlight, and Copy (apple+c) the URL*Return to your glog. Select the image or text that you want to link to the website and go into the EDIT mode for that item.* Select the image that looks like chain links, it should be after the color option* Paste (apple+v) the URL into the box and click APPLY

Click here to see an example of the assignment



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