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Reading Month

In this story a teenage girl named, Olivia, tells us about her younger sister., Sophie. According to Olivia, Sophie is the messiest girl in the whole world. Sophie's room is so messy sometimes you can't find her when she is in there. When Sophie does an art project there is paint everywhere (even on the ceiling). At a party, Sophie gets candy corn in her teeth, falls in when she bobs for apples, and her white nurse costume is totally covered by stains of all kinds. Read this book to hear about Sophie's many other adventures and then you decide if Sophie is really Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!

Super-Completely and Totallythe Messiestby Judith Viorst

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Note from Mrs. Kramlich:"I love this story, because it was one of Sierra's favorites when she was little. I have read it to her many, many times."


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