Reading Magazines

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Reading Magazines

Reading and Understanding MagazinesLearning All About Magazines!

Do you like magazines?Are there any magazines that you have at home?How are magazines different from books?How are magazines different from the newspaper?

Do magazines have a theme?What is the point of a magazine?What can you learn from magazines?What do you think of magazines?

- Get with a small group of two or three people.- Read the magazine you are given with your group.-Respond to the following questions.-Write down your thoughts, you will share with the class.Things to Think About:Who would read this magazine? (Girl or Boy, Adult or Child)What kind of advertisements are in this magazine? (Are there any?)What kind of information is in the magazine?What is the magazine about? What is trying to inform you about?What is something that you like or dislike about this magazine?

National Geographic Kids

American Girl

Kids Discover

Sports Illustrated for Kids


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