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Colleague and ConfidentI tend to consider myself to be an average or normal type of person. Looks wise I’m tall, athletic and have a normal build so I don’t stick out in a crowd. My personality is very similar to this. Depending on the setting I can be a leader or a follower. I can step up to the role if it needs to be done or if there is someone that suits the role better I don’t mind following if I agree with the direction. I can be shy and nervous at times while others loud and outgoing. It just depends who I am with and how formal the setting is. With a big group of my friends talking about girls and cars I am content being in the center of attention at points. Whereas doing a presentation in front of a bunch of unknown people judging my every move; well I avoid that situation at all costs. I try to avoid confrontation with anyone from work or school or groups of friends. “Can’t we all just get along?” comes to mind. Id say I have an accommodating conflict style than a destructive one (pg21) I just try to be friendly with everyone that I can and always stay on peoples good sides; hopefully people will return with good stuff at the same time. Just doing to others what I would like to see in return is generally what I aim for but It tends to work out. I wouldn’t say I’m involved in my community but I wouldn’t do anything against it. I don’t destroy stuff for fun or don’t litter. If someone needs help I will if I can and especially if they have helped me out in some way. Other than some very bad driving habits that I don’t see myself changing I wouldn’t be a negative impact on anything. Now that I think about it I’m fairly generic and cookie cutter. That average, nice guy who isn’t really noticed or remembered; just looked over as the extreme positives and most negatives are what people remember about a person. Though I get no recognition for much of what I do it’s the subtle stuff that makes the difference. And that’s what I try to do.Critic and Creator I know I am a very technical and analytical in the way I think and reason. Exactly like what is laid out in the ‘Analyze and Clarify Information’ section on page 59. My mind is math and science based and I am honestly not very good at the opposite stuff including writing this paragraph. With problems I tend to start with the thinking and planning of the best way to figure it out. Usually that works for me within a few tries but if that fails I tend to fall back to the “plow right though it” mentality which is the last resort. Socially and at work or school I tend to follow the same guidelines for how I deal with stuff. With friends it can be a little more difficult and requires more thought and planning as it is more personal and more risks if it fails. Core Beliefs There are a few traits that’s I do like about myself. Overall I am kind to everyone; especially friends and people that I know. I am always honest even though it can be harsh or not what people want to hear. For every day I just try to make the most of it and make it a memorable time. One of those days you share the story with others and laugh back and enjoy the memories. I try to avoid negative issues as much as possible because they always cause issues but I will always back up a friend as much as possible; something not many people do these days. “Friends” aren’t really friends anymore and that is something I like about me; that I am actually a true friend to people. In others I look for traits similar to mine. I would like in return ideally for what I give out. Finding people who are similar is hard when people are becoming more selfish in these times but just keep looking. I wouldn’t say I have a particular motto; just live life how you dream of it and enjoy it with the best people you can. Just always be happy.

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