Reading in the Wild

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Reading Comprehension

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Reading in the Wild

"For me, this is what wild reading is: readers who incorporate reading into their personal identities to the degree that it weaves into their lives along with everything else that interests them."

Take-Aways:*Reading Doors *Conferring with Students~"Golden Gate Method"~Evernote or Dragon Dictation (133)*Build a Personal Canon

What Do Wild Readers Do?*Dedicate time to read.*Self-select reading material.*Share books and reading with other readers.*Have reading plans.*Show preferences for genres, authors and topics.

"Readers enjoy talking about reading almost as much as reading."

Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller

*Reading must be part of a daily routine at school and at home. This is especially true for struggling readers. "Too often reading intervention specialists pull students who require additional reading support out of class during independent reading time" (Miller, p. 10).*Wild readers snatch a few minutes of reading time in between appointments and other activities. "I take my book EVERYWHERE--in the car, to sporting events, even to the grocery store! (Miller, p. 16) *Focusing on reading habits for one week increases students' awareness of their own reading behaviors and opens dialogue between readers using their observations as a launching point.*Keep track of your reading life through response letters and Status of the Class.

How do we dedicate time to read?

*Community Conversations*Read-Alouds*Creating Book Buzz*Selection Reflections~Encouraging students to reflect on their reading choices reveals students' methods for discovering books to read.*Curating a Classroom Library

"Reflecting on the landslide of crossword puzzles, dioramas, annotations, and reading logs assigned to their students for every book they read, teachers might realize that instead of encouraging their students to read, these mindless assignments make kids hate reading."


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