Reading diagnosis - qualitative or quantitative?

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Reading diagnosis - qualitative or quantitative?

Quantitative vs. QualitativeQuantitativeReaders' miscues are counted.The number of miscues can help teachers determine readers' instructional reading levels. QualitativeReaders' miscues are evaluated (MSV) to assess the effectiveness of the strategies used during the reading of the texts.It "provides specific information regarding a reader's strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to plan a personalized reading program."

Click on the picture to enlarge the graphs. The five graphs are from Goodman's qualitative case study on Tony, a seventh-grade student. The graphs compare the three "stories" Tony read and retold. Also, you can click on the audio button while you look at the graphs.

Reading diagnosis - qualitative or quantitative?

"Miscue analysis is the crown jewel in Yetta's legacy to the field of literacy."Richard T. VaccaKent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA

Yetta M. Goodman

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"To simply count miscues is to short circuit a complex process."

"Miscue analysis is exciting. It opens up for the teacher, the reading specialist, the researcher in reading the path to how children learn to read, what they do when they read, and what strengths as well as weaknesses a reader shows when reading takes place. It provide a great deal of information regarding the reading process as well as the individual reader."

Ms. Catherine Moriarty

My question for this article is the following: How often should teachers conduct Miscue Analysis (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)?My question for you is ..."How will YOU incorporate Miscue Analysis (qualitative analysis) in your classroom now?"

Running Record Analysisby EHE EdTech

What is Miscue Analysis?Why is it such an important reading assessment tool in the classroom?Click on the audio button for the answers!



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