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Reading Autobiography

Emily's Reading Autobiography

The act of story-telling has always been fascinating to me. All of my life I have been surrounded by the stories that my family shares around the dinner table, that I see performed on stage, and that I read quietly in my bed. There is something quite magical about getting lost in a story.

When I was in elementary school my mother and I would spend our evenings plowing through Judy Blume’s tales of Ramona and Beezus and Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew series. I so desperately wanted to be the free spirit of Ramona and the fearless sleuth that Nancy was; I always pictured myself as the characters in the books I read. That only intensified when I began reading Anne of Green Gables in middle school. The languid tones of L.M. Montgomery’s writing dismissed me from reality and sent me to a land of day dreams even long after I had finished the book.

For a long while I lost my love for reading when required summer reading books took over the time I spent reading about fictional lands I imagined to be real. It was not until Mrs. Simmons, my AP English teacher, assigned us to read Lonesome Dove that I began to love reading again. The western novel was full of adventure, broken romance, and imagery that caused me to vanish from the world and enter into that of the old wild-west.

Reading Lonesome Dove inspired me to seek out literary works that I would not have found interesting or entertaining before. In doing this, I have discovered fascinating works from Pride and Prejudice to The Book Thief. These books have left me enchanted by the way in which their writer’s use language and have inspired me to begin writing myself. I am constantly seeking out opportunities to pick up a book, whether it is for five minutes or five hours, and am always awaiting the moment that I begin getting lost in the story.

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