Reading at Home

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Reading at Home

Read, Read, Read20 - 30 minutes every day! They can: read independently, read to a sibling, share reading with a parent, read in their 1st language!Explore BooksThe key is to help your child find books that make them want to read! Help them find books that pull them in, and motivate them.Regularly visit the library (ask the librarian for book recommendations)Visit bookstores, and find out the latest kid 'bestsellers'Ask Questions* Retell the story.* Who is the main character?* What kind of person is he/she?* What was the most exciting part of the story?* If you were the main character, would you have done things differently? Explain.* What do you think will happen next?* What is the author's message? * Should this book be made into a movie? Why?* What are 5 facts from your non-fiction book? * Why is it important to learn about that non-fiction topic?

Reading at Home


Just Right Books

P - Purpose Why do I want to read it? I - Interest Does it interest me? C - Comprehension Do I underdstand it? K - Know Do I know most of the words?

How to read with your child video!

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