Reading Assesments

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Reading Comprehension

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Reading Assesments

Reading Assessments

The first place to start when matching a reader and a text is the readability of the text. Although this may seem easy, readability becomes more complex with the different characteristics of the reader. These characteristics include motivation, reading ability, background knowledge, and interests. Methods of correlating students ability levels with the text are the readability formulas, clozure procedures, and the textbook analysis.

A student chooses a random passage from the middle of the book and begins to read. Every time the student come across a word they do not know they fold one finger down. At the end of the page if the student has five or less fingers folded then there is a chance that the book is readable. If the student has all ten fingers folded down the text might be too difficult, but if they only have one or two folded it might then be too easy.

Take a large one hundred word random sample from a text. Count the number of sentences in the text and count each sentence as .5. Then count the number of words within a sentence with six or more letters. With this information you can now find the readability calculation on the Raygor Readability graph. Number of sentences is on the vertical axis and number of words six or more is on the horizontal axis

Matching the Reader and the Text

Raygor Readability Formula

The Rule of Thumb Readability formula


Clozure Procedure

Word Processor Readability

Computer softwares such as Microsoft and WordPerfect provide readbility information along with their grammer functions. They both use the Flesch-Kincaid formula that uses the average number of syllables and words within a sentence to come up with a readability estimate. The score is then reported out as a grade level.

Choose a section of text with 125 words for grades 1-3 and 250 for grades 4-12. Copy the entire first sentence. Then delete every 10th word from the paragraph until you have deleted 10 words for grades 1-3 and 50 words for grades 4-12. Copy the entire last sentence, leave the same. For grades 1-3 create a word bank. For grades 4-12 tell them to just fill in the words they think was deleted. Times the number correct by 10 to get score.

Readability Checklist

When considering a text a teacher must consider more than just the basic readability of the text. Organization, tabile of contents, idexes, introductions, summaries, outline of material, logic, clarity, vissual aids, and glossary are just a few more aspects to consider when looking for a text. Yes, readability is important, but entire organization of the text is important to look at as well.


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