Reading and Representing in Mathematics

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Reading and Representing in Mathematics

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One of the key points that the author makes in this chapter, which is highlighted in the quote to the right, is that students need to know how to use images to help solve math problems. Students should practice creating visuals that support and enhance their math thinking. Students should also know how to interpret images that they create or that are given to them, and they should practice representing information in different forms.

Multimodal Representational Competence (MRC)Numeric/Symbolic Representations (NSR)Iconic versus Schematic RepresentationsComprehension Strategy Instruction (CSI)


Reading and Representing in Mathematics

"Building multimodal representational competence in mathematics therefore includes teaching students how to produce images whose forms can help them reason through problems, as well as explicitly teaching students how to interpret images and their connections to other modes" (82).

During a unit on fractions, students may be asked to solve a problem such as, "If you have six cups of flour, and each cake needs 3/4 cups, how many cakes can you make?" This is a perfect opportunity for students to practice creating images that not only accurately reflect the problem being asked but can also be used as an aid when solving the problem. For instance, simply drawing cakes would not be helpful, but an image that shows cups broken up into quarters would be helpful. When doing an activity such as this students could create their own image and explain how they used it to solve the problem. They could also look at the visuals that other students used and try to determine why others represented the problem the way that they did and how they may have used that visual to help think through the question being asked.


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