Reading and Literature for 1st grade

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Reading and Literature for 1st grade

Reading and Literature

CharactersThese can be people, animals, and made up creatures!SettingThis is where the story is taking place. Maybe it's in a desert, forest, or magical land!Major EventWhat happened in the story that stuck out the most? Maybe a character won a race, made a new friend, or discovered buried treasure!


Often times it can be easier to find the characters and setting in a story, but more difficult to understand the major event.The major event in a story can be the most exciting part of the story. Often times it can be the solution to a problem, or the completion of a mission.It always has a BEGiNNINGMIDDLEand END

Just Remember!

Understanding the major event.

Key Ideas

I'm a character!I'm who the story is about!

Your paragraph here

In order to truly understand a story that you are reading, you must first learn to recognize the main parts of the story. These are called the Key Ideas, and they consist of Characters, Setting, and a Major Event.

Major EventA character won a race!

This is a setting!


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