Reading and Literacy: The Writing Process

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Reading and Literacy: The Writing Process





Today 's workplace require all to thinnk critically to problem-solve and to communicate their thinking through writing. My Plan to implement P.D.R.R.E.F is with the hopes that students learn lifelong skills of thinking and reasoning,

Current Writing ProcessWriting: Students begin with writing Cornell notes on specified science concept Inquiry: Next, students develop questions from their notes using (Costa's Levels of thinking)Collaboration: Students then collaborate with each other to share and brainstorm new ideas via labs/discussions Organize: Organize information by creating visual representations of notes Reading: Reread notes to process information and summarize content via Essay Format

Reading and Literacy: The Writing Process

Future Writing Plans I plan to incorporate daily writing in lesson plans via Quick writes, Learning Logs, GIST Summaries, Science Photo Projects, Diagrams t Diagrams


Maya Angelou High School 9th- 12th / Science Current Writing Instruction : W.I.C.O.R Science teachers face the daily challenge of determining students depth of comprehension of skills and concepts. Most of the time, it's not as easily visible. Instead we focus on the brain by assessing how well our students internalize concepts and understanding .

W.I.C.O.R improves student retention and comprehension of content, teaches students to think for themselves, to become better listerners, speakers, writers, provides differentiation in capturing notes and effective strategies that develop critical reading skiills*Caters to all learning styles

P.D.R.R.E.F captures the importance of revisions and editing that my current W.I.C.O.R process lacks. To provide students with a more continual process of writing and rewriting P.D.R.R.E.F offers a more stylistic and grammatical focus

Future Writing ProcessPlanning : Students begin with brainstorming and collecting thoughts in a graphic organizer Drafting :Write a rough draft /organize flow of paper Revising: Refine word choice/ reorganize paragraphs Rewrite: Improve draft with imagery,additions and details Edit: Have a peer edit work and provide feedback to offer a second opinion Final Draft: Complete piece and publish


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