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Reading 2014

The story begins in 1897, at the start of the Klondike gold rush. The discovery of gold in the Klondike, a region in northwestern Canada's Yukon Territory, prompted thousands of goldseekers to head for the far north, all of them desperately in need of dogs to pull sleds across the harsh arctic trails.


Author: Jack London

Book Report

Beginning: Buck gets torn from Judge Miller, and is forced to go into the wilderness.Middle: Buck is sold to a family that is cruel and cold, caring about nothing but money.End: He feels like he is at home, but his owner is John Thorton. He feels the "love of a man" again.

Main Events

Dogs: Buck, Spitz, Dave, Sol-leks, Curly, Billee, Joe, Dolly, Pike, and DubPeople: Judge Miller, Manuel, Mercedes and Charles, Hal, John Thorton, Francois, and Perrault.


Title: The Call of the Wild


Do you like the book?

Buck and his team must face harsh weather, small rations of food, and enemies. Men only cared about gold and money, not the dogs that pulled sleds for them.

I LOVE this book! It really shows the idea that we should treat dogs and other animals like people. There never was any dog like Buck: so stern, loyal, obedient, and for all I know, there never will be a dog like Buck.

I reccommend this Book!It is an all time classic!Award Winning Author!

Name: Annie Ma Date: June 21, 2014


  • RUBABRAHMAN 6 years ago

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    Pretty good :) Brief, to the point, and easy to read, I love it!