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Read Deed Run

October4th- Deed on campus11th- Run 18th- Deed on campus25th- Run(1) Run on your own

November1st- Deed on campus8th- Run15th- Deed on campus22nd- Off for Thanksgiving29th- Run(1) Run on your own

December6th- Deed on campus13th- Run- Book Check20th- Off for Winter Break27th- Off for Winter Break(1)- Run on your own

January3rd- Off for Winter Break10th- Deed on campus17th- Run24th- Deed on campus31st- Run(1)- Run on your own

February7th- Run14th- Deed on campus21st- Run - Optional(early dismissal day)28th- Deed on campus(1) Run on your own

March7th- Deen on campus- Book Check14th- Off for Spring Break21st- Run28th- Deed on campus(1) Run on your own

April4th- Run11th- Deed on campus18th- Run25th- Deed on campus(1) Run on your own

May2nd- Run- Book Due!Final Run/Race to be announced

Read Deed RunCalendar

Read, Deed and Run is an after school program that we have on our campus. The students meet in the library every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 and they participate in the different parts of the program. By the end of the year, each student will have read 26 books or 2,600 pages, run 26.2 miles and completed 26 hours of community service. This program is designed to create a well-rounded student and member of society. We look forward to the new year and new opportunities this program provides.



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