Read Around the Planet

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Read Around the Planet

Contact your connection partner ASAP!See printed list from Kelley.

Agendaa. 15 minutes connection kink workout/introductionsb. 15 minutes far side or us presentingc. 15 minutes vice versad. 15 minutes question/answer from studentsPerhaps brainstorm some questions in advance. Weather, what they do for fun, school day schedule (starting times, lunch times, ending times, school year dates etc.)

Student project ideas:1. Game shows a. Texas Facts/Traditions/Rodeo/current TEKS2. Skits/ Reader’s Theatre3. Raps4. Plays5. Music – school song6. Weather Report7. Google Earth – show our school

A computer and/or an elmo can be hooked to the distance learning equipment.Think about dressing in costume.



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