Read and Roll

by ElizabethCoomer
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Read and Roll

Read 'n Roll

SettingWhat is the setting? How is it important to this story? How would the story be different in a different setting?

CharacterList the character names. What are their character traits? Describe the main character and how they interact with the other characters. Support your answer with details from the book.

VocabularyFind 3 words you do not know the definition of. Use your context clues to define the word, or look them up on Write a sentence with each word showing your understanding of the word.

Central ThemeWhat is the central theme of the story so far? List at least 3 supporting details.

PredictionIf the Author continued the stroy what do you think will happen next? Support your answer with details from the story.

SequenceWrite a flow map showing the sequence of events. Remember to write them in the order they happened.


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