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Read Aloud Project

My Read Aloud ProjectBy Diandra Tupa

Audience ResponseI was often surprised at how personally they related to the books and I was impressed at how deep some of our discussions would go. Since the children I was reading to are older, they would not only relate these books to their own lives, but for some of the books, they related them to current or historical events. (Such as The Butter Battle Book being related to the Cold War.) Being older, they didn't seem to focus on the pictures quite as much as they did when they were younger, but they often pointed out the emotions that you could see on the characters' faces. For Love You Forever, they seemed to use the illustrations more in finding meaning, whereas they looked at Seuss' books in a more artistic way. (Recognizing art techniques for example.)

Discussion StrategiesFor the most part, I chose to allow them to explore the meaning of these already loved books in a nondirective way. I allowed them to find their own meaning in the text. Sometimes I would pick out a page or section and ask them how it might apply to their life. I think that allowing those discussions to develop more naturally allowed the kids to delve deeper than they would have if I had just handed them a few discussion questions for them to journal about. In person and out-loud encouraged debate, research and storytelling. I was able to give immediate response and feedback and ensure that both were respectful of each other's differering opinions. There were a couple of times when I shared my opinions before they shared theirs. I believe that this colored their own viewpoints at times and I wish I had refrained until the end, if I shared at all.


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