Read Aloud project

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Read Aloud project

After reading from a page in a book, I would ask Alannah about the illustrations, linking the story and the pictures together. It was very effective and she enjoyed answering the questions I gave her.

Alannah loved the pictures in the books. She would identify what the illustration was and what color the it was. She memorized some of the books and read them with me excitedly. She did not link together the story and the illustrations very often without my guidence at first. However, after sometime she began to link them on her own. Kaylee is still very young but the bright colors kept her attention and the sound of my voice reading made her smile.

Audience Response

Reflection ...

Looking at Illustrations

With books Alannah had already memorized, I would challenge Alannah with the illustrations asking her questions about numbers, colors, objects, and letters. She struggled at first as she just wanted to zoom through the book but after time she answered my questions.

Books She knew...

Sendack does not have an official website, however his publisher provides alot of information about him.

I learned that it was easier to read a book to the girls before bed time. You have their full attention and they are calm and collected. Because Kaylee is still very young, I learned that reading to her is a very different experience com[ared to reading to her big sister. I also learned that reading after a meal is best because the kids won't be begging for food during reading time.

Alannah's favorite book

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