Read Aloud Project: Reflective Summary

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Read Aloud Project: Reflective Summary

Extention Activities

Audience Response

As I read the chapter book, Charlotte's Web to the children many interesting responses came about. On different occassions the students asked questions that were about the characters, setting, or even a topic in the story. They were very excited about me reading aloud and the teacher even stated that should is going to begin reading a chapter book aloud to them! At one point in the story a character dies and the students were very emotional. Many students related this situation to their own lives. They were able to take the text and use it as well when completing the graphic organizer that their teacher gave them. I found that the more I read to the students, some of them made prediction for the end. I think they really were using strategies that their teacher had taught them when listening to a reading aloud.

Read Aloud Project: Reflective Summary

Discussion Strategies

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When I first stated I began asking very simple questions like, "Who is the character talking to?" and "How did character 1 feel?" Later, I realized that I would need to ask deeper questions to really get the students talking. I then started asking questions that had students turn to their partners to develop better conversations. I asked questions like, "If character 1 would have ______, how would character 2 react?" I could really tell the difference because the students started opening up more. Lastly, I started having the students reflect after each chapter that I read about specific events in that chapter. I think all of these strategies helped them stay focused and participate in the reading.


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