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Something I would do different with my class once I am a teacher is some sort of system so my students do not forget their library books. When I was a child I always forgot mine and I was not able to check out new books and it sucked, i always felt so left out; I do not want to have my students having to deal with that anxiety.

I am a Junior here at ECU. I am majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in Math. I want to teaching Kindergarten, first, or seconds grades if I get lucky enough to choose. I decided on elemenatry education as my major because I love children and I love to do crafts, best of both worlds in elementary school. Ultimatly it was not until my first practicum that I realized the classroom is truely where my heart is at. Some of my favorite books are actually christian from my church.

My Literacy HistoryBy: Bayley Patterson

I remember reading the hungry catepillar as a class and watching a video about the illustrator.

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My students will most likely be young enough to remember their parents reading to them. If not they will remember me as their teacher reading to them.

Trying to remember how I learned to read is a lot more difficult that one would think, but since I am going to be a teacher soon I might as well stop assuming that I or other people can easily recall or do something. I vaguely remember my dad teaching me how to pronounce the word three, I always would say th-ee and forget to say the "r" in the word. My dad got so frustrated with me and was determined to correct my mistake, I honestly do not think I was aware of my mistake at that age. Another thing I remember is reading small boooks with sentences like "See Spot run."; I remember reading those all by myself on road trips; I remember wanting hooked on phonics books.

In the Bell & Jarvis article I can relate to the authors experience of not being in the top reading group. In school I felt my teachers did not believe in me because I was in one of the lower reading levels and so therefore I began to not believe in myself.

I personally do not remember my parents reading to me, that is not to say that they did not do so however I simply do not remember. So in the future when I am a mother and/or a teacher I want to be sure to create lasting memories for those cihldren. Memories that they can take with them into adulthood, especially since I did not have many.

My favorite genre of books when I was younger was Mystery; In third grade I remember reading The Magic Tree House books.

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