Reaction to Female Regents

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European history

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Reaction to Female Regents

- people more critical towards female regents- especially towards marriage- unworthy of power- weaker sex- need man to help with power- Eves–will cause trouble

Mary Tudor- people happy at first because of dynastic reasons- wyatt rebellion because of marriage- did not like policy of burning

Anne of Austria- many miscarriages- distrust of people to birth heir- lots of rumors about her romances

Mary Stuart- lack of political skill- riccio’s murder- celebration because of birth of james- wed bothwell to stabilize country- political leaders definitely abused her- forced to abdicate- nobles went to war with her because of marriage to bothwell


Reaction to Female Regents

Maria Theresa- considered to be intellectually inferior to her sons- able to evoke affection from subjects- blamed for ruling failures


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