Re, The Solar God

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Re, The Solar God

Re (sometimes spelt Ra) is the god of the rising sun, life, rebirth, children, health and virility. Re had many different forms, thanks to his journey on the solar boat and the amount of gods he was mixed with (Amun to create Amun-Re, Hor to make Herakhty). His forms during his journey on the solar boat were: Khepri the scarab god and his morning form, shown as a man with a scarab beetle for a head, Re his noon form, shown as a man with a falcon’s head (which can be confusing as Hor also has a falcon head, but Re wears the Solar disk where Hor wears a crown), Atum the creator of the universe, shown as a man with the double crown of the new kingdom of Egypt, and finally, Khnum his evening/night form, shown with a ram’s head. At night he traveled through the underworld, passing through twelve hours, each with it’s own obstacles and monsters to overcome. There was also the constant threat of Apep (also called Apophis), the serpent of darkness, who would do everything in his power to stop Re from crossing the sky. The home city of his religion is also Heliopolis, but many temples around Egypt are dedicated to Re, including the Temple at Karnak, one of the most impressive temples in Egypt. The Egyptians built special temples for Re, where offerings and sacrifices were made to him daily. These temples were open to the sunlight and didn't have astatue of Re in them because he was represented by the sunlight itself.

ReThe Solar God

A temple dedicated to Re, built by Ramsess II.

A short video a chamber in one of his temples.

A image of Re upon the Solar Boat.

The temple at Karnak, one of the most impressive temples in egypt, dedicated to Re.


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