Rayna, Taylor, Joel

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Rayna, Taylor, Joel

Rayna, Taylor, Joel

chickasaw's removal

During the removal act the U.S forced the chicasaw's to leave and sell their land and move down to oklahoma

When they had moved too the new land that they were already living there the food they ate was vegitables, beans, corn, sqush, they also had nuts, bear, turky and other wild life

In 1837 the chickasaw nation was forced to leave there land and move to oklahoma on foot- Source : chickasaw Removal Chronicle, 1830-1838

Source: Native-American-Indian-Facts.com

Source : Native-American-Indian-Facts.com

During the walk there were 300 indians, 38 wagons, and 1100 indian ponies and they were all led by Capt. John Millard



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