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Rayelle Golla

Petey By, Ben Mikaelsen

Petey Petey has a caring sole and is very understanding. He will make you laugh out loud when he talks to the characters in the story. People may think that he has no brain or that he is weird and scary, but once they get to know him they thinks he is cool guy.

Some books that I have writen are Rescue Josh McGuire, Sparrow Hawk Red, Stranded, Countdown, Petey, Touching Spririt Bear, Red Midnignt, Tree Girl, and Ghost of Spirit Bear.

Literary DevicesIdiom: Snowflakes as big as quarters driffed down."Onomatopoeia: "Aeee, aeee"Simile: "He felt as bitter as the wind."

A theme it Petey that I wanted to emphasis is family, because Petey goes around in live not having a family but yet he makes friends with all these wonderful people who act like family to him.

I live in a log cabin near Bozeman, Montana with Buffy. I have flyed over the Norh Pole, swam with dolphins, visted South America, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina (The End of the World.) I am inspired by my wife, and others, and life events. And when I was yound I had animals that came from South America. There were was a sloth, a quodmonday, a type of monkey- raccoon cross, and some dogs and cats. I think that I have been impacted as a writer by Buffy, because I have raised him from a cub and I love, and miss him dearly.

Hi I'm Ben Mikaelsen and this is my 750 pound black bear named Buffy that I adopted and have raised for the last 25 years. But sadly buffy died 2 years ago.

TrevorTrevor has probmles at home but one day he meet Petey by accident after school. Three bullys from school were throwing snowballs at Petey and Trevor saved him. Trevor then becomes Petey pal and thinks he's really funny. Trevor has learnded a lot from Petey but then it is Peteys time to go.

CalvinCalvin is Peteys best friend and he cares a lot for Petey. Calvin is kind and when they were younger they liked to play cowboys with littel toy guns that they got for Joe. When they were younger Calvin got to take care of Petey for a day but that didn't go to well.


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