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rayce's glogster german immigration

German Immigration





Primary source

Before WWI German Americans lived in German speaking communities that ranged from tiny villages to city districts. They were often called "little germanies." They also lived in tenements in the cities. It was blazing hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the Winter. The unsanitary conditions lead to a high mortality rates.

"If only more people should wish to come, I advise that they take women with them if they want to have any, for here some of the very best men find no wives, because they are not here."Christen Janzen

Most Germans came to america seeking economic opportunities of religious or political freedom.Most Germans were Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish. They moved to many parts of the United States, some becoming farmers and others entering trades in the cities and towns.

German immigrants built canals and constructed railroads. They became involved in evey labor intensive endeavor in the country.

Germans wanted to maintain their native language. German Americans used politics to make sure their children could be educated in the German language. Another means for German Americans to maintain their culture was their sophisticated and widespread press. They kept their culture until after world war one. The federal government forced the transition to the English language in many German speaking schools. Afterwards the German language was seldom heard in public. The catholic high schools sere structured to commingle ethnic groups so as to promote intermarriage. Also after WWI German Americans changed their names to more American names. Their Americanization was quick and forcefull. Nativism was a harsh reality for many German Americans during WWI. They were accused of being too sympathetic to Imperial Germany. The Justice Department imprisoned 4,000 German Americans gor allegations of spying for Germany or endorsing the German war effort. They were forced to buy war bonds to show their loyalty.

German Immigrants 1870-1900 7,237,594


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