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Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is considered one of, if not the greatest leader on the fooball field of all time. Lewis is known for working hard and never giving up, he is also accomplished and has learned from experience why you need to stay away from trouble. These things make Ray Lewis one of the most qualified motivational speakers ever.

Ray Lewis is considered to be one of the greatest linebackers to play the sport of football, Lewis played for 17 seasons, winning 2 superbowls and going to 13 pro bowls. Lewis had some struggles though, he pled guilty to obstruction of justice in the stabbing to death of two men. Lewis was also injured frequently tearing his triceps and hurting his shoulder, but nothing could stop him from being one the greatest leaders and linbacker in NFL histroy.

Ray Lewis



Overcoming Adversity

Contact Info & Cost

If you would like Ray Lewis to come and speak for you please call 608-325-1234 the cost is $5,000 for one of the most motivational people on the planet.

Ray Lewis will speak of his struggles with his size and speed in the NFL. He will also speak of things such as work ethic and making good choices, relating back to his issue of him pleading guilty to obstruction of justice.


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