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Raul Castro

Considered the world's longest serving defense minister. He now command s more then 45,000 soilders and has expanded military's reach into many aspects of the Cuban economy.

Once Fidel Castro assumed power, Raul became head of the armed forces and served as Cubans defense minister.

Raul CastroBorn: June 3, 1831 - presnt Age: 81

Raul Castro- Cuba

In 2009 Barack Obama announced that he was easing restrictions on travel and remittances to the island by Cuban Americans.

Helped his brother Fidel Castro in their first attempt to unseat Cuban dictator at the time, Fulgencio in 1953. Only to end up in prison after a failed attack on a military base.

Raul Castro is the seventh worst dictator on the 2011 list of World's Worst Dictators.

Raul succeeded Fideal as president in February of 2008

Became president for a short while when Fidel stepped down in 2006 to undergo intertinal surgery .

Raul is seen as being a more severe militray leader and has been described as being less charismatic than Fidel.

After the failed attack on Batista they fled to Mexico. They returned to Cuba in 1956 to try once again to overthrow Batista. This was known as the Cuban Revolutionary. Eventually Batista left the country and Fidel took power.

Fidel Castro (Raul's brother)

Raul as president relaxed restrictions on owning mobile phones and computers and raised salaries and state pensions.

Currently Raul's daughter Mariela Castro is trying to go to the U.S, but the U.S is refusing to let her in. J-Z and Beyonce currently went to Cuba for a vacation. The U.S does not trade or do any other buisness with Cuba. Cuba has offerd to talk to the U.S, but the U.S is still shunning them.

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