Rational Expressions Story Problem

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Algebra I

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Rational Expressions Story Problem

Kevin Love has scored 99 free throws out of 121 attempts. He would really like to bring his free throw average up to at least 90%. How many consecutive free throws should he score in order to bring up his average to 90%?

My Story Problem

Helping Kevin Love with Free Throws

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Solving for a Single Variable


1. Simplify the expressions by using the distributive property and combining like terms.2. Find a common denominator if needed and add, subtract, multiply or divide. 3. Cross-cancel any common factors. 4. Solve for the variable by keeping both sides of the equal sign balanced.

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Rationale:My story problem relates to my life because I love basketball and compete in a fantasy basketball league. Kevin Love is on my fantasy team and every time he misses a free throw I am missing out on fantasy points.



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