Ratifying the Constitution

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Ratifying the Constitution

- Federalists believed powers should be shared between the national government and the states.- Supported removing some powers from the state and giving more powers to the federal government.- Proposed a single person to lead the Executive branch.- Supported the Constitution as it was originally proposed.- James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay were the leading Federalists.

- Antifederalists wanted important political powers to remain with the states.-Believed that the legislative branch should have more power than the executive branch.- Feared strongly that a Bill of Rights needed to be added to the proposed Constitutionin order to protect people's rights.- George Mason was one of the leading federalists.

Ratifying the Constitution



Other Important Faces

Patrick Henry was one of the leading Antifederalists. He played a crutial role in the writing of the Bill of Rights because of his critisisms towards the amendments.

Alexander Hamilton was one of the leading Federalists. He didn't have a lot of influence on the writing of the Constitution, but he was a driving force for it's ratification. He was very influencial to all of the Federalists and published multiple articles, pamphlets grabbing people's attention to Federalists.


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