Rastafarian Culture

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Rastafarian Culture

Rastafari Culture

1. Marcus Garvey was the creator of the philosophy of Rastafari.2. Dreadlocks are the prefered hairstyle of the Rasta's.3. Rastafari's were highly prosecuted when the movement first started.4. Rastafari have their own language. 5. Rasta's believe that Jah never leaves the Earth. 6. They believe that Africa or "Zion" is the promised land.7. There are about 1 million followers in the world today.8. Rastafari's believe that everyone is equal.9. Rasta's believe in the term "Down With Babaloyn".10. Rastafari believe in the concept of "Everliving" which is where you are immortal both spiritually and physically.

Rasta’s follow a very strict protocol. Everyone should be treated equally. Rasta’s have to treat a homeless person the same way as they would treat family. In social environments there can be no expression of aggression. All speech must be positive and encouraging. Everyone should express themselves without having to worry about negative repercussions.

Quick Facts

Elements of Culture


American Prespective on Rastafari culture.

The Rastafari believe that Canniabis is holy and use it in some of their rituals. Rasta's don't force their religion on any one. They let their childeren chose if they want to be Rasta or not. Rasta's do discipline their childeren to be polite, helpful, and well-mannered. One day that Rasta's belive is holy is April 20th, because that is the day when Haile Selassie visited Jamaica. They believe that your body is a temple and you shouldn't put anything bad into it. Most Rastafari go either full vegan or full vegetarian.

Customs and traditions, Language, Arts and Lit, and Religion.

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The Rasta government is based on Haile Selassie 1 and how he ruled Ethiopia. Rasta's use trade as a good source of economics. Some even trade their good will.

Rasta's would veiw American culture as way too pessimistic and sad, because the Rastafari are all about being happy and having good will. You don't find that often in America. Also the Rastafari believe that your body is a temple and you shouldn't put anything bad in it, so American's would also be seen as gross for putting fast food in our systems.

American's veiw Rasta's as pot heads, people that are lazy all of the time, and people who worship weird things.

Rastafari prespective on American Culture

Forms of Government, and economic systems.

Women in Rasta culture, are treated like queens, while men are the ones that work. Outsiders are either ignored, or just simply asked to leave.

Women's rights and outsider's.

Marcus Garvey Born: April 17, 1887.Haile Selassie born: July 23, 1892. They Holy Piby was written: Jan 1, 1928.Rastafari religion founded: Nov 2 1930.Haile Selassie visits Jamaica: April 21 1966Selassie says he isn't Jah: Jan 1 1967.Bob Marley baptized: Nov 4 1980.


The Rastafari believe that ganja is holy.

Bob Marley was known to be a big supporter of the Rastafari movement.

Ethiopian flag, which is what the Rasta flag is based on

Rasta Flag


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