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Russia was very aristocratic at this time and many of the upper class were shocked and angered that a mere peasent had such exclusive access to the monarchy. It was also very widely known that when the Tzar was away on war buisness, Rasputin and the Tzarina were meeting in private, and thought to be having a torrid affair. Some of the aristocracy got sick of it and devised a plot to murder Rasputin... but it didn't go as planned.

Rasputin was a Russian peasent born in the late 1800s in Siberia who underwent a religious conversion in his teenage years and became a holy man. He won the favor of the Russian Imperial Family in 1908 when he was able to stop the bleeding of the Prince. He was well known around the country for his crazy party habits as well as his affinity for women. He gained significant power and influence over the Russian monarchy and many people were very unhappy about this.

Who Was Rasputin?

What's the Problem?

Two lesser Romanov royals asked Rasputin over for dinner on December and laced his food and wine with cyanide. A few hours went by and he showed no signs of poisoning so they invited him into the basement and kneel down in front of the alter to say a blessing. While he had his back turned, they shot him in the head and left his body there to deal with later.

Rasputin revived and tried to escape again, making it all the way outside before they shot him again and beat him viciously. Somehow he was still alive and conscience so they tied him up and threw him in the frozen river. When he was fished out three days later, they found that the cause of death had nothing to do with his injuries, in fact, he drowned.

The loss of their closest advisor really damaged the Romanov famliy's political stature. They would never fully recover. The Great War in Europe was not going well and not two years later, Imperial Russia would fall in the Bolshevik Revolution.

So What?

Rasputin...The Man that Couldn't be Killed


The Plot

Everything Goes Wrong


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