Rapid Change in Meiji Japan

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Social Studies

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Rapid Change in Meiji Japan

Rapid Change


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Bibliography:Levin, Phyllis; Moline, Teddy; Redhead, Pat. (2007). Our Worldviews. Nelson.(March 2014). Meiji Period. Wikipedia. Retrieved 27th of March, 2014 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meiji_period#Society


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Meiji Japan:How Japan Modernized Itself

-Japan started developing a powerful army and navy.-The feudal system was completely changed.-The Daimyo and the Court Nobility became one social class.-Commoners were able to move up on the social ladder, and they were able to marry higher classes, since there was no ban on marrying another class. -Samurai were no longer given allowances.-Former daimyo, samurai or court nobility who had provided good service were divided into five western like classes- became five western like classes- the princes, marquis, counts, viscounts, and barons.

-The Meiji leaders used the emperor to their advantage, they thought he was sacred and inviolable.-By trying to use the emperor as a symbol of unity, they were trying to build loyalty to the government.-The emperor was thinking about opening up because people looked at him differently, he was respected wherever he went, and he became an icon to bind the country together.-Unless the government was directed from one authority, the foundation would fall to pieces. -However, the old order of things were changed, and the administrative authority was restored to the imperial court.

During the Meiji period (Early 19th Century), Japan wanted to modify their Political and Social System, Economics, and Culture to a more modernized version.

-Japan wanted to modernize their culture so they went on the Iwakura mission.-Christians were allowed to practice their faith in Japan-The special way of dressing for samurai eventually went out of style.-They started to use western inventions.-Were now okay with foreigners coming in and out of the country.

-Economic changes would follow under the Meiji rule, under his rule the Tokugawa shoguns, Japan had developed a strong foundation for the economic system.-Some banking institutions were already in place, along with small businesses, markets and the merchant class.-Meiji leaders knew what needsed to be done to insure Japanese economy, Japan was still restricted from trade agreements that were going to deal with western powers.-Citizens were not allowed to lower taxes on goods from Japan or raise taxes on foreign goods.-Treaties made equal made it difficult for industries in Japan to survive. Many of the new industries were funded and government owned.








Powerful Questions:-Were there unknown reasons that they came out of isolation?-Why were the social classes not as important?-DId women become more involved?

With all their new things, new ideas and mondization happening japan was abel to take the new ideas and make them there own and change them, to help them succeed later on.


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