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Raphael Sanzio

In 1499 Raphael went to Perugia in Urbino and became a student and assistant of painter, Perugino. Around 1508-09 Sanzio was 25 and was called to Rome by Pope Julius II to direct the decoratio of the state rooms in the Vatican Palace.Lastly in 1515-16 He painted ten lerge water color scales, and found the cultural and intellectual climate very exiting in Rome.


1483- Born 3/281491- Mom Died1492- I married Bernardina 5/251494-Malaria claimed Giovanni Santi1496- Painted Pietro Vannucci

He painted the Madonna dell Granduca, the Small Cowper Madonna, and the Alba Madonna.He painted Stanza dell Incendio and the 4 large-scale paintings where Marriage of the Virgin, Sposalizio, the Crucified Christ with Virgin Mary w/ Saints, & Angels.A Classic perfectionist like Raphael & painted picture using oil on wood.

Lasting Impact

He influenced painters up to the 1900s and made people think of personality when they looked at his paintings.


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My Life

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino - Italian Painter


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