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Raphael Sanzio

Full Name: Raffaello da UrbinoMar. 28 or Apr. 2, 1483.Born: Urbino, MarcheDied: Apr. 6, 1520(at age 37)Rome, Italy


Did you know?The School Of Athens(pictuer below) and many other paintings were portraits in Pope Julius ll personal library.

The last painting by Raphael was The Transfiguration in 1520. He died from a deadly fever.

Raphael came from a family of artists. His father was a court painter to the Duke of Urbino, Federico Il da Montefeltro. Raphael would help his father. Growing up and around the court, Raphael got used to painting skills and proper manners. His mother died when he was eight.

Raphael Sanzio

Raphael Sanzio was a painter and a architect. Compared to other Masters at that time, Raphael remained productive, running a shop with 50 students and assistants. His artworks were commonly organized into three phases: early career, the Florentine period, and his final years.

His best work was done in his final years of life. His earliest known work was his self- potrait at age 15-16.

Bibliography- http://totallyhistory.com/raphael-sanzio/


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