Rape prevention

by xXEmilyHatakeXx
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Rape prevention


Current Laws1st, 2nd, 3rd degree rapeCriminal Sexual ActsStatutory RapeSexual Misconduct

Current Consequences~Register as a sex offender~Life time monitoring

Causes~Desire to control~Acting out of anger or hostility~Gain a sense of worth~Lust~To get back at a female figure who abused them~Likes the fight~May have been emotionally neglected

Values/ Lack of Values~Peer pressure to sleep with others~Lack of Respect~Lack of Boundaries

New Solutions~Educational Awareness Programs~Better enforced laws/ tougher laws~Encourage all victims of rape to come forward~Limit availability of date rape drugs~More Blue Phones (help phones)~Better lighting in alleyways and streets~More street corner cameras


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